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I'm enjoying the new interface, I think it's great. The following is mostly my opinions, but still feedback nonetheless lol Most of my opinions are also due to how adjusted I've become to fcns layout. I've included some suggestions too.
Im testing this site via Chrome on Android mobile.

I think the Chat Zone logo is atrocious lol The hearts are childish looking. But that's just me.

My experience in the chat rooms -
I don't like that clicking on a username automatically creates a new whisper, whether or not ur currently engaged in a whisper with them. I keep accidentally creating whispers and it's frustrating.

I think the "scroll down to keep up with new messages" is unnecessary and an eye sore.

Im also not a fan of having to click on a button to view older messages in the chat. I enjoy the seamless scrolling that fcn offers, so I can quickly look back if I want to view an older message from the chat.

I think the expansion in chat settings/preference is great, but the amount of options seems a bit excessive. I think the ability to to create custom block rules is really cool though. But I don't understand the option to turn on obscured messages from blocked users? Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of the block tool? I havnt tested it though. Maybe I'm not understanding it's purpose.

Possible bug? The cams seem to work really well. But I'm unable to see half of the chat when I'm viewing somebodys cam. Their live stream takes up less than 1/4 of the screen, and the remaining space is occupied by an empty white box. It's frustrating, especially when typing new messages. I've included a screenshot with the live streamers permission.

When pming, I really wish there was the "user has left pm" message that displays after a user closes a pm, like on fcn. This message is helpful for various reasons, but I mostly liked that it was a subtle way of letting somebody know u didn't wanna pm with them lol please please add this to the new chat lol

I really havnt noticed any bugs throughout my experience. But I've only been chatting for brief periods, without messing with many settings or features. That being said, great work guys! I'm looking forward to the new chat going mainstream.


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