Neighbourhood Q&A


A few good games and a place to get to know your neighbours could do this site some good...

How to enjoy...tag any user and ask them a question. If you've been asked a question, quote the question and reply (as you like).


To start things off
@Rocketman what is the best live concert you have enjoyed?
@Pnpandbeingnudd123 Have the sunflowers wilted yet?
@aPassionateLad Did you watch the Olympics? Do you have a favourite Olympic event?
@Ehri Which do you prefer ice cream, cakes or salty snacks?
@hemihead Who was your best and/or worse teacher?
@Quaid What are your favourite colour panties?

@anyone who cares to answer: If you could spend the day with someone who has already passed, who would it be and how would you like to spend your time?