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soo... this is my first thread ever, bear with me.
i've been having trouble reaching fcn (and the chat part of this site) for a few months.
the page won't even load.
i thought the problem was my wifi connection, but it happens on mobile data as well, on all devices i tried and i also tried other wifi connections. 😬
so, just wondering if it's a country wide thing (im in brazil) or it's a me thing.
sorry for the long post, just wondering if anyone can shine a light on this now that i've reached this forum and am able to post.

if this is the wrong place, let me know.

ps: i can reach the sites on a vpn, but fcn doesn't support them, so I can't log in.

much appreciated, i miss my friends.


You or connection you're using may have been flagged as a spammer / scammer as a result of abuse from the range that the connection(s) belongs to. Access via VPNs is not permitted or supported, because VPNs are a choice of spammers, scammers and peddlers of various illegal activity. Countries well-known for incessant spam and scams are also blocked.

Before blocking is implemented, an exhaustive effort takes place for a period of time to keep out unwanted individuals. After all options are exhausted and potential impact upon the users is carefully considered, a necessary decision to block certain regions and connections may be made. The blocking typically affects a very small number of users relative to active userbase of the website.

The website strives to protect its visitors from spam, scams and illicit activity, and this isn't necessarily targeting one entity, but likely a barrage of spammers and scammers.

Mitigation methods may change in the future, but unfortunately, such drastic measures is currently the only way to deal with unwanted / persistent illicit activity, scams and spam. Hope you understand.


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lmao i hope im not being a bother, buuuuut
just another question, actually:
when a country is blocked for spam there's usually the "banned: scammer/spammer" message when the user tries to log in, right?
or does it also happen that the whole website just wont load?

pic attached is what i get on chrome browser, on mozilla is just a blank, no error message, but no site either.

(also feel the need to say that's not only the chat, but forums, blog, all of it)



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