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  1. hemihead

    Another Month , Another Season

    Autumn is a beautiful time of year . The death of Summer and the pause before the dread of bitter winter . The year is like a person's life cycle . No matter how much you wish , it's not Summer forever .
  2. hemihead

    Ladies :

    Ladies what is your body count ?
  3. hemihead


    A new month and a new beginning . What will the new month bring ?
  4. hemihead


    It's Friday . Anybody getting fucked tonight ?
  5. hemihead


    Another quiet day here . That is all .
  6. hemihead


    One word ... MGTOW that is all .
  7. hemihead

    Hot Summer

    Hitting it as much as possible and the games are hot too .
  8. hemihead

    Fun Fact

    Fun Fact - Glass is a liquid . That is all .
  9. hemihead

    Crazy world

    Such a crazy world and life we live . That is all .
  10. hemihead

    Never Fear for I am here - That's what you were afraid of .

    Well , just checking out the new digs and looking for trouble .